Buy maternity bra online in India

Buy maternity bra online in India

Pregnancy is a beautiful feeling which brings a lot of changes in life, including emotional and physical. Since hormonal changes are taking place in the body, transformation in physical appearance is likely. Like the rest of the body, breasts also undergo changes. They enlarge, become tender and more sensitive to touch. The credit for these changes goes to the hormonal shifts taking place inside the body. Also, the mammary glands are preparing to make milk for the baby. During this phase of change, breasts need some comfort and support. If you think to change your lingerie wardrobe, buy maternity bra online in India.

When is the right time for a new bra?

When you start feeling uncomfortable in your bra, you should think about lingerie shopping. A common sign is breasts spilling out of the bra cup. Too snug or too tight innerwear is definitely not a good choice. However, you need to understand that every pregnancy is different and the breasts may change differently all through the pregnancy. It is unique to you. You may find your cup size increasing throughout the pregnancy or the breasts may grow only during the first trimester and do not increase in size until postpartum. Hence, you may need to go for lingerie shopping several times during the pregnancy or you just one-time shopping would be enough.

How is a maternity bra different from a regular one?

A maternity bra is designed specifically to support the physical transformations. It is souped-up for more comfort and support. A soft cotton lining, wider straps, additional hooks and eyes on the band are some of the features which are common to maternity bras. Also, they are not usually underwired. However, some regular bras are also designed with these features and they can work fine during pregnancy.

What style to choose?

Choosing one that fits perfectly and provides good comfort. The one with sturdy seems and straps makes the right choice. Flimsy ones would not hold up and may fall apart earlier than expected. If your size is bigger, it is better to choose one featuring wider straps at the shoulders. Since expecting moms have their breasts, rib cage and womb growing, underwired ones may not be comfortable. So, it is better to choose unwired bras. Online marketplace is the best place for shopping as you can find as many styles and choices as you want. You can easily find your size and non-padded as well as padded nursing bra online. The wide collection of SONA lets you choose the best fit and fabric for ultimate support and comfort. What’s more? Prices are low too.

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