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Lingerie has been used since time immemorial. Once considered to be trivial, the mindset and perception of this piece of clothing are fast and appealing to the women and young girls of this era.

It has been observed from the Indian women these days that they have adjusted to the bra-fit problem as they are not getting these types of lingerie in the Indian market. The problem is with the choices of the young girls and women which are not satisfied. The only way which gives satisfaction is by shopping online with SONA.

We at SONA provide a wide range and variety of lingerie which are cheaper in cost and suits to the fashion trend of lingeries these days.

SONA is one-stop destination where all types and varieties of colorful lingerie are available which attracts you to wear and love the lingerie.

SONA uses fine fabric offering premium quality products of lingerie. Rich look and love to wear lingerie are now available at website with just a click of a mouse.

You can browse through the variety we offer and choose the one which suits your body and gives a sexy and chic look. Our design range varies with 50 different categories of lingeries which are having the chic and exciting look and feel. Our design patterns will make feel that let's wear all of these lingerie's just by looking and browsing from our website.

We are sure and confident that when you browse through the varieties, you will be greatly convinced that if to buy a lingerie then its SONA.

company history

  • 2017

    now in 2017 company is coming up the solution for breast cancer patients..

  • 1989

    Sona brand started since 1998 with sole proprietership by the name of sakshi enterprises with basic design of cooton bras and slips.

  • 2001

    only a few brands cater to the women of upper society with the fast growing ecomnomy there was definite uneed for premiuim lingerie.

  • 2002

    Company is making lingerie only for women for above 35 age. Then company have decided to cater young girl also as girls most prefer t-shirts, so company have launched modeled and seamless bras in 2002

  • 2003

    company have launched a premiuimbrand by the name of salsa. I company have imported priuim lace from France to make premium products in 2003

  • 2004

    In 2004 the company have launched its first exclusive brand outlet in edm mall in east delhi then started it retail chain stores.

  • 2008

    in 2008 the company also have launch its cosmetic brand with the brand name soft to under the Roof of sona in that company have started selling bust firming cream.

  • 2010

    in 2010 sakshi enterpise have converted into sakshi lingeries pvt. Ltd..

  • 2014

Some companies are busy in seeing the dreams for creating a history and some are busy in moving forward after the history has already been created.

The Company who is constantly moving forward and keeps on creating history with its service and dedication for the customer's choice is none other than SONA LINGERIE'S.

SONA LINGERIE was started in the year 1989 with the first brand name as SAKSHI ENTERPRISES as a sole proprietor in the whole Indian market. At the starting, this was handled by a single person and was not that much famous in the market. As the time passed on, they started making their presence felt in the Indian market.

By the year 2002, the company was making lingerie only for women who are greater than 35 years of age with a very fine quality lingerie in the market.

The company then waited, watched and observed the market for this type of women lingerie and then in the year 2002 the company started to cater young girls. As per the observation of the market in young girls, there was fashion trend at that time to wear seamless and molded bras.

These bras were sold less and also the market was going down so the company decided to manufacture and upgraded premium quality lingerie, which was successful.

In the year 2003, the company manufactured a premium brand named "SALSA" which was a very high quality and giving the sexy and chic look. To make the premium quality products one company imported a premium lace from France, which was a great pride and honor for this company and also acted as a motivation source to manufacture new brands and products of high quality.

Finally, in the year 2004, the company launched its first exclusive brand outlet in a much known huge mall called EDM MALL.

After the successful launching this outlet and by seeing the customers satisfaction and response, the company started a retail chain store in East Delhi.

In the year 2008, the company launched its cosmetic brand with a name SONA to under the ROOF OF SONA. It started selling burst firming cream in 2008.

By the entry of the year 2010, the company almost started manufacturing all types and varieties of LINGERIE'S. In the same year, the company changed its name form SAKSHI ENTERPRISE to SAKSHI LINGERIE ENTERPRISES and became and private limited company.

In the year 2014, the company launched its huge responsive online selling website. This website helped the company to even find an easier way to buy the lingerie directly from the website by placing an order in it.

Now the company has been satisfactorily working and satisfying the needs and wants of the customers. This company is still in the national market with wide range and variety of lingerie.

The company has also started international selling from the website.

Presently, the company is in the procedure to manufacture lingerie for breast cancer patients.

Following are the strengths:

  1. Believes in Quality: SONA brand strongly has a belief in giving a quality product to the customers' of the present era. Quantity can be produced and manufactured whenever needed but the quality based quantity is the point; which can be satisfied especially for lingerie by our company.
  2. International Shipping: Our company provides facility if done online shopping for international shipping. Your love to wear lingerie's are available if you are outside India too. Our company is spread all over the world.
  3. Certified private limited company: By the name of the company only it is understandable that SONA is a private limited company. It got its certification in the year 2010. This also shows our level of quality that is provided.
  4. Offers products both online and offline (i.e. with the retailers): Retail Outlets are available in Delhi. But still, if anyone is out from Delhi and want to purchase and wear Lingerie of the SONA brand then our company provides you the facility of online shopping on our website.
  5. ONE – STOP DESTINATION for LINGERIE SHOPPING: "Want Lingerie? Yes! Then come to the SONA" the only quality destination for purchasing quality lingerie for young girls and women of the present era. Lingerie's can be purchased only of the brand SONA.
  6. Best lingerie available here: The best quality Lingerie of 50 different categories is available here. It’s one of the best product in the Indian market of lingerie.
  7. Lingerie gives a chic and sexy look: Want to attract men? Wear Lingerie of SONA brand and get attracted. Our Lingerie gives you sexy and chic look and feel just seeing. It gives a soothing effect after it is worn by the young girls and women of India.
  8. Love to wear type lingerie's available: Love to wear quality Lingerie is only available to us. We respect choices of the customers and then make Lingerie's considering both the quality and quantity.
  9. Provides varieties: We provide 50 different categories of Lingerie's which you can't even think to have with any other brand.

SONA BUY Lingerie is providing great service to the customers since the year 1989. It offers best quality and love to wear lingerie on its e-commerce platform and in the retail outlets too.

We at SONAEBUY do some social work so that we can contribute to the society in whatever way we can and make India a superpower in the world.

We have taken 4 kinds of Social responsibilities, which are:

  • Economical Responsibility.
  • Ethical Responsibility.
  • Legal Responsibility.
  • Philanthropic Responsibility.

In ECONOMIC RESPONSIBILITY, we aim only to turn out profits. With this load of providing Economic Profits to the society, we only aim towards making profits and giving it to the society that is our customers by satisfying their economic needs and wants of our love to wear lingerie product of SONA brand.

In ETHICAL RESPONSIBILITY, we work not just to work but by the willingness to work and providing quality to our valuable customers in an ethical way. We are not here in the society to take the obligation to just take the money and not provide the quality they want. Taking money if its worth, that's our ethics and aim to provide a quality product to the society which gives rich feel and look. We work as a team with the willingness to work and show the team spirit to the society rather not as an obligation to do it.

In LEGAL RESPONSIBILITY, we abide by the rules, regulations, and laws of the country. By doing so, we show the respect to the society and to the laws made for the society. Our lingerie product is manufactured in a pure and legal way that is by abiding the company laws and labor laws of the country.

In PHILANTHROPIC RESPONSIBILITY, SONA EBUY has gone all economically, ethically and legally right. But, beyond and out of the box, we provide and do some social things too.



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