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Comfortable and Best Bra for Daily Use

Sona Comfortable Bra For daily Use
Investing in the best bra is a must for every woman because wearing the right bra can make you feel confident and comfortable. You may have your favorite bra but it is important for you to know the types of bras that go with different types of outfits. If you do not know which bra will be suitable for which outfit. So, here are 8 different types of bras that you must have.

T-shirt Bra

Sona Printed Padded Bra
This is the most popular bra style. It is designed keeping in mind the comfort so it is the most common style which you wear most of the time. T-shirt bra is best for daily use and a t-shirt bra looks seamless and smooth under fitted shirt. This is the perfect bra for daily use.

Balconette Bra

Sona Balconette Bra
Balconette bras are the best option if you want to wear a sexy bra every day. They provide a natural lift to the breasts while increasing the cleavage. Its broad straps create a more open neckline. This is an especially attractive option if you're wearing a low-cut top.

Bralette Bra

Sona Bralette Sexy Bra
Bralette bras are super comfortable with the size compared to a bandeau bra, and slightly more sex appealing than sports bras. They can be called a fashion bra as its design structure flaunts it. When you want to make a fashion statement with your dinnerware, these bras are the perfect choice. Bralettes are the fashion trend nowadays and are going to last for a long time.

Push Up Bra

Sona Fancy Push Up Bra
We can probably all agree that "correct Size and cleavage" is elusive, and subjective at best. But that doesn't stop women from trying to master it over the years. Usually this is an underwire bra. These have some extra pads on the side or bottom of the cup to create the push-up effect. You’re resulting insta-cleavage could be modern. This can be depending on the brand, style and construction. Make sure you're getting a smooth transition from cup to breast along the top edge so you don't develop dreaded or double boobs! You can choose from levels 1 to 3 individually or all of them will make a huge difference in your appearance.

Bandeau Bra

Sona  Bandeau Bra
These are best for beginner bra wearers or women with smaller busts (and who, perhaps, don't like wearing traditional bras). Once you're over a C cup, wearing these can prove difficult because they don't have much variety for support or size. Bandeau bras are a band of fabric. Of course, some have sport inbuilt in the form of side boning or cups, while others are just fabrics, like lace or mesh. It's the best staple for a solid summer or a lazy weekend. It is also a suitable bra for those who like to keep their pair on at night.

Sports Bra

Sona Sports Bra
Whether you go out to work or not, you must have a sports bra as a weapon. Racerbacks are really popular in active-wear bras. They're designed to stay put, and it's up to you to worry about whether or not you're sweating it out. Just remember to shop for the appropriate level sports bra for your workout. Light support is best for yoga and walking, but if you're into running or high-impact sports, choose a heavy sport structure.
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