Enjoy the new Arrival of Summer with Lovely New Style Bra

Enjoy the new Arrival of Summer with Lovely New Style Bra

      brands new season is the perfect opportunity to upgrade your lingerie design and pattern with the latest voguish styles. If you want to redesign your look or and want a little ‘pick me up’ something, new lingerie and innerwear’s is the way to go.  After all, nothing understands, you love your body shape more than your lingerie.  That said, it is time for you to treat yourself with some new undergarments style. Check out these hottest bras and new look innerwear trends that will get you through this upcoming summer.

Sona Low Coverage Bra

low coverage bra

Summer is the time to look great and bright colors and look beautiful as they are both fresh and feminine. So, add some trendy hosiery cotton and colored bras to bring summer to your wardrobe. However, you also need to feel good so thick and super comfortable in what you wear, which is why you should check out our hosiery cotton and non-padded non wired  Own the look by teaming it up with your strappy summer clothes to show off the new style and the lovely colored bra. The pink and white combination also feels super fresh, bringing a springtime exuberance with it.

Sona Full Coverage Bra

Full Coverage Bra

We have also a lot of choices in bras from bralette, stylish bras, cami bras, lace bras, denim bras, cotton bras to strapless bras. But the full coverage bras are everyday bras are always highly functional and good comfort ones. An everyday bra will be the first choice (thing) you will reach out for every morning. Let’s see some special things and about full coverage bras is trendy and how to choose a perfect one?
Full coverage bra has a high neckline and V shape neck design which covers full support or most of the breast area. Women who are not the flaunting type are likely attracted to an everyday use bra. Just because all day bras offer full coverage it doesn’t mean that they can’t make you look sexy and pretty. Choosing the right style and full comfort and good fitting of full coverage bra can you fetch you a flawless feel good and sexy look.




Sona backless Bra

Backless Bra

Surely, every woman who has seen these photographs and albums or similar has imagined herself looking just as incredible and good looking as the celebrities and hot looking actresses in backless gowns. While other trends are easy to replicate, this one is a tricky style. There is quite a bit of skepticism around the ideal lingerie for backless bras and outfits. Surely if you’ve ever wondered what the best bra is for a strapless or backless look, you are not alone.

Every new launch in the fashion industry and fashion icons challenges the lingerie designers, giving this niche group of people and the best choices bra lady opportunities to create remarkable undergarments. While some outfits are tailored with built-in pads to support her breasts and hold them in place, many others do not have this feature. Thus special-purpose cases in lingerie are extremely crucial not just for support, comfort and shaping but also to avoid nip-slips shoulder hold and wardrobe malfunction. Here are some wonderful innovations in the bra category and lingerie world, some of which you’ll find a good design backless bra at our online lingerie store sonaebuy.com




Sona Multiway Bra

Multiway Bra

Your lingerie collection will be incomplete without a Non-padded and non-wired multiway bra to prevent extra nipple show when wearing a bra of soften material. These bras are very comfortable as they are not padded to give you a fuller bosom, but just enough space to help you step out in your comfort clothes confidence knowing that whatever you want to be hidden, is hidden. The presence of the non-wire means that these bras will contour the naturally beautiful shape and comfort of your breasts and slightly lift them so that they are desirable. The best part of your body? You can wear the straps in myriad multi ways to suit your outfit great looks. You can buy this very interesting product and sought after comfort bra on the Sona online store.



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