Is it okay for Newly Moms to wear a bra?

Is it okay for Newly Moms to wear a bra?

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After delivery, another test of the mother begins and that is breastfeeding. During this, there are some changes in the breast of women such as increase in size. Your old bra may not fit while you are breastfeeding. After the birth of the baby, a new life of the mother begins. Breastfeeding works to strengthen the bond between the baby and the mother. Breastfeeding causes many changes in the breast of women. During this, many questions arise in the minds of women regarding wearing bras. At this time, you should wear such a bra which makes breastfeeding easier and you can feed the baby without any hassle.

Wearing an underwire bra while breastfeeding

It is generally recommended not to wear an underwire bra during breastfeeding. Because of this, the milk vessels in the breast can get blocked, which can reduce the flow of milk. However, some nursing bras do provide support for breastfeeding. Their shape and form changes according to the breast. This type of bra does not cause blockage. 

Can I wear a regular bra?

It is completely your choice whether you want to wear a regular bra or a nursing bra or live without a bra. By the way, nursing bras are more comfortable during best feeding. From the beginning of the first trimester of pregnancy, the breasts start changing. Their size keeps on increasing during pregnancy and after delivery. There may be pain on touching the breasts during the time of breastfeeding. In such a situation, wearing a regular bra may not be comfortable and it will not help in breastfeeding either. Nursing bras have several layers of fabric that absorb milk when it leaks. 

When to wear a Nursing bra

Right after conceiving, your body starts preparing itself for labor pain and delivery. Changes take place in the body and the breast also increases a lot. The enlargement of the breast is more visible when it comes to the second trimester of pregnancy. It is better that you start wearing a maternity bra only when the second trimester of pregnancy starts. Maternity or nursing bras are good for breast changes. 

Can I sleep wearing a bra?

If you breastfeed and want to sleep wearing a bra, then it is your choice. In the first few months after delivery, the breasts become very delicate and they can also be painful. At the same time, the body is engaged in adjusting with breast milking such a situation, sleeping wearing a bra at night will help a lot. Women with heavy breasts may still need to wear a bra at night after this. If milk is leaking from the breast, then definitely wear a bra while sleeping at night. If you do not want to sleep in a bra at night, keep a towel or cotton cloth with you to absorb the leaking milk. Overall, women must wear a nursing bra during breastfeeding.
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