Tips for Choosing the Best Bra for Heavy Breasts

Tips for Choosing the Best Bra for Heavy Breasts

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Women/Girls should choose bra according to their breast size. If the bra is un-comfy, your comfort level will be low, no matter how beautiful you dress. Especially if your breast size is large / heavy, then you should be more careful about this. According to a research, 75 percent of women wear tight bras and 15 percent of women wear loose bras. Research suggests that women who wear tight bras for a long time are at increased risk of developing breast cancer. Women wearing the same loose bra can suffer from problems like breast sagging. Usually, women choose any type of bra without checking their breast size or bra comfort, which later becomes a problem for them. Therefore, to avoid any such problem, it is very important to choose bra according to the shape of your breast.
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Today, through this article, you will know about some such tips which will be useful in selecting bra for your heavy breast:
Take care of the underwire: While shopping for bra, women mostly pay more attention to the straps of the bra. They do not even notice the underwire in the bra. Always, while shopping for a bra, make sure to check the inner underwire once, whether it will prick or not, or is it well inserted? If you want, you can also take the advice of experts.
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Keep in mind the size: Most of the women with large breasts choose a smaller size bra so that their breasts give a firm and small look. Some women choose the right size but their attention is more on the strap and band, they are not able to pay attention to the cup size. Due to which the bra is too tight and the bra strap makes a mark on the skin. It is better that while buying a bra, first pay attention to the cup size and then other details of the bra. If you are buying a bra from a store, then you can choose the right size with the help of the female staff available there, and if you are buying a bra online then you can choose the best bra for yourself with the help of Sona Size Chart for Breast.
Always buy bras from the best brands: Branded bras are not only head-comfortable but also very supportive for the breasts. Sona is a well-known brand, and one of the best brands, you can buy bras according to your breast from here.
Avoid lacy bras: Lacy bras look great, but they don't support big breasts properly. Therefore, if possible, heavy breasted women should not wear this type of bra, as the laces get twisted after wearing and make them feel un-comfortable.
Select a thick side band: If you are breast-heavy, you should always wear a bra that has thick side bands. By wearing this type of bra, the breast gets support and it stays in shape.
Padded bra: Women who have big breasts avoid padded bras thinking that their front part does not look bigger. But the truth is that Sona's padded bra is very supportive. Padded bras give a more fitted look, especially with T-shirts or kurtas.
One of the best major benefits of padded bras is cool and best support, especially if you have a Havier chest. With the support of Your Chest, you can experience less back chest pain or strain that you might normally and great feel throughout your normal daily life. Additionally, Padded bras provide better lift, better support and better look separation and shape of your breasts. Buy any types of plus size bra available at our online store




  • Susan

    If you are going to sell bras, please make sure the models are wearing bras that fit! Many the bands are to big and cups to small! And what is with the 1950’s pointy bras? And plus size! Why are the models size 28 C? For heavens sakes, if you are going to sell bras, do it correctly!

  • hsull

    Why do you give all the information about how to choose a bra for a well-endowed woman and then have a picture of a skinny, flatter chested model? I’m referring to the ones in the red lace bra and the lilac bra with black straps. It’s very upsetting to read all the info and then see someone who wears a size I might have worn in middle school…

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