Tips To Choose a bra that is good for your health

Tips To Choose a bra that is good for your health

Every year women buy more than twenty million bras. But about 78% of women choose the wrong bra! The type of bra that is good for health depends on many factors. A perfect bra prevents sagging as well as maintains posture, helps reduce back pain and maintain healthy breast tissue. According to some women, “wearing a bra is more comfortable than being braless”. Not all bras are the same. And from a health standpoint, different types of bras are perfect for different activities. So as long as you keep choosing the right bra for your different activities, no bra poses a risk to your health! Today in this article I will tell you about some bras that you must keep in your wardrobe and wear them according to the occasion.

Choose a T-Shirt Bra for Everyday:

Wearing a jersey, whether in the form of a T-shirt, or as a dress, entails clinging. A t-shirt bra is customized with light padding to reduce the breast nipple through cling material. T-shirt bras usually come with molded cups to give a smooth outer finishing. This type of bra is perfect for your health. It neither stings anywhere in your skin nor causes rashes. These bras are perfect to pair with casual tees, kurtas and t-shirt dresses.

Choose Health Supporting Strapless Bra for Going to Parties:

If you're wearing a sleeveless, off-shoulder or strappy outfit to a party, a proper strapless bra will work to prevent awkward restlessness. Make sure the band fits snugly under your bust, and has an underwire that sits flat on your skin. The inside of the strapless bra also has a Transparent Strap grip on the sides, so you don't have to worry about it slipping.

At-Home Wearing Bra:

Your breasts need enough space to breathe during the night which is very important to keep you and your breasts healthy. We recommend wearing a non-wired, at-home bra for support while you sleep. At-home bras are designed with low-compression and only basic support. It does not have wires and tight straps. This is a very comfortable bra.

Wear healthy sports bras for workouts:

Many women wear their daily wear bras to the gym. But if working out puts a different kind of stress on your back and breasts. This is the reason why a sports bra is a good option when you go to the gym and exercise. You can choose low, medium and high impact sports bras depending on your activity.
Now you know when, which bra is appropriate to wear. If you wear bra according to the occasion then it will never affect your health. Sona has a wide variety of bras; you can buy a fit and healthy bra according to your size from our website. So go shopping today and update your wardrobe.


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