Uncomplicated Motherhood With Maternity Bras

Uncomplicated Motherhood With Maternity Bras

Being a mother is a unique experience that should be celebrated. SONA Maternity Bras will help you accept motherhood and handle one of the most significant aspects of your new life—nursing—if you are a new mum or will be one in the near future.


In case you are wondering why your traditional Bras just won’t be used during pregnancy and nursing, reasons are plenty. As your body changes, so should your Bra. Maternity Bras are designed to be breathable, comfortable and come with removable front panels which make nursing effortless and convenient. This ease of feeding is the number one differentiating factor between traditional and Maternity Bra.


In addition, maternity bras are wire-free or feature flexi-wires for added comfort and to make sure the milk ducts are not overly compressed, which could obstruct the flow of milk. Blocked milk ducts may indicate an illness that needs to be treated with antibiotics, which may cause you to discontinue nursing for a few days. Thus, keep in mind that wearing a traditional wired bra while nursing is a BIG NO-NO.

There are a few additional considerations to make in order to make an informed decision if you have finally decided to purchase a maternity bra. It's likely that your skin will be more sensitive than usual throughout pregnancy and lactation. To prevent rashes and itching on your skin, go for a Maternity Bra made of soft, breathable fabric. In order to wear your maternity bra comfortably under your daily clothes. layers. 

Mothers, SONA Maternity Bras can make your pregnancy and breastfeeding experience easier. Why settle for standard bras? Bring SONA Maternity Bras home with you today for a light and comfy breastfeeding experience!

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