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  Breast Cancer Bra is one of the most common diseases, especially in the urban areas of our country. The recently updated data reports show that breast cancer accounts for 28% to 35% of all cancer in big urban population areas (like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Bhopal etc. which itself signifies the higher number of women suffering from this dreaded ailment.

Sona Care: The only bra designed for the breast cancer recovery patients. The Adjustable enhancer is designed specifically to look and feel natural for Nearly any purpose. It maintains breast symmetry to feel feminine and look Beautiful every day.


 A nursing Breast Feeding bra is a specialized brassiere that provides additional support to women who are lactating and permits comfortable breastfeeding without the need to remove the bra. This is accomplished by specially designed bra cups that include flaps which can be opened with one hand to expose the nipple.
A nursing bra is designed to provide quick and easy access. It typically has flaps or panels that can be unclipped and folded down or to the side with one hand. Nursing bras can be worn under a variety of outer garments.Small-breasted women who don't usually wear a bra may choose to wear a nursing bra to support their larger breasts or simply to prevent milk from leaking onto their clothes.


Nursing Breast Feeding Bra

A woman's breasts grow during pregnancy, usually 1 to 2 cup sizes, and potentially several cup sizes. A woman who wore a C-cup bra prior to her pregnancy may need to buy a larger bra while nursing. Once the baby is born and about 50 to 73 hours after birth, the mother will experience her breasts filling with milk (sometimes referred to as “milk coming in”) and at that point changes in the breast happen very quickly. Once lactation begins, the woman's breasts swell significantly and can feel achy, lumpy and heavy (which is referred to as engorgement) To provide proper support and fit, to facilitate nursing, and to avoid engorged breasts or other complications that prevent an infant from nursing effectively, it is important to wear nursing bras that fit well. When a woman wears a bra that is too tight, her milk supply may be reduced, and she can experience plugged milk duct and an extremely painful infection called mastitis. Mastitis can physically and emotionally affect the mother's ability to breastfeed.